Ripley Davenport freediving.

Diving on a single breath can be considered the purest and
most natural approach of exploring the world beneath the
waves. Freediving amplifies self and body awareness, while
at the same time taking you closer to a world that most
people have never seen.

    My relationship with the sea is a long and complex one.
    Freediving is an addiction I can't shake – the temptation to
    discover new sensations underwater is just too great - this
    addiction is not one for curing.

Freediving is a little hobby of mine and my apnea
infatuation, or not being bothered to breathe, has moulded
me into a strong, healthy and focused individual.

Maybe I have set my sights on a ridiculous freediving target
but for now and the foreseeable future I plan on continuing
my training and breaking a few of my own personal
freediving records. At some point in the future, who knows,
I may even compete and attempt a record and that
ridiculous freediving target may not seem so ridiculous.

All of my training is conducted in the open sea combined
with a change of diet, yoga, swimming, breath holding, and
lung exercises.
Ripley Davenport | Explorer, Adventurer and Entrepreneur
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