Rather than start running gradually, I decided to set the bar
ridiculously high with an Ultra Marathon. This was a first
for me. I had never attempted a half marathon, full
marathon let alone an Ultra before so this was new ground.

It was an Ultra to be respected. It was not only a beautiful
course, but it’s a brutal ass-kicker – some serious rugged
trail running. The course averaged about 50-52km with
1'400-1'500m elevation and a route that would bypass some
of the most spectacular and breath-taking scenery I have
seen. It would span saltpans, gorges, beaches, scree, rock,
asphalt, uneven sea cliff trails, and merciless sheer ascents
and descents. The last 20k was the devil's torture chamber.

I fell over, rolled my ankle badly at the outset, cut my hand,
smashed and fell into sharp, razor like rocks and totally lost
my footing more times than I can remember on some
precarious steep slopes and I have a sore bottom to prove it.
I went off track about 4 times due to some course markers
being moved by hunters, which set me back. Despite this I
felt pretty strong all way round (except my ankle, which
certainly slowed me down to some extent).

    "I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I
    can't accept not trying." Michael Jordan

I didn't enter to win or race against other competitors. I just
wanted to challenge my personal limits.

Read my account of
my first Ultra here.
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