Since childhood, I have been interested in Search and
Rescue. I knew what I wanted to do: train, develop, volunteer
and get involved in Search and Rescue. For many years, I
have always wanted to be part of the great evolutionary

In 2004 I began training my first Rescue Search dog: a black
Labrador named Karmen, with Redningshund in Denmark.
It was a long process but I eventually qualified as Search
and Rescue Dog handler in 2009. Three years later, after
Karmen passed away, I began training my second dog: a
brown Labrador named Molly Brown.

I spend a considerable amount of time training and
developing my Search and Rescue knowledge and
experience to the fullest, harnessing my motivation and
passion, by regularly undertaking courses across a
multitude of disciplines with many Search and Rescue units
both nationally and internationally. At this moment in time
I am an active safety/rescue boat coxswain/crew, rescue
swimmer, beach lifeguard, freediving safety diver and
medical first responder.

Since the summer of 2015 I have worked rigorously as a
rescue swimmer and medic tending to an abundance of
minor and major
first aid incidents as well as saving the
lives of many swimmers in distress. I was first on scene in
recovery of a deceased elderly male from rough seas and
involved in the
successful resuscitation of a Turkish male
who drowned.  In addition, I also teach coasteering skills &
rescue two times a year in addition to guiding clients on a
unique coasteering experience.
See some of the videos here

I spent 1 month on a voluntary rescue mission on board the
Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) ship Topaz
Responder in the Eastern Aegean as one of two rescue
swimmers operating from high-speed rescue crafts (FRDC),
named in the memory of Aylan and Galip Kurdi, Syrian
children who perished in September 2015 off the coast of

I was involved in several dynamic, emotional and intense
rescues, which were filmed and shown on major news
channels around the world.

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Read about the people smuggler I rescued from the water.

See news footage: Sky News version
here. On BBC News
here. AFP here.
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