For nearly seven years I worked extensively in the
environmental research and forestry sector on numerous
estates throughout Fyn and Jutland in Denmark.

As a part of my thesis and on-going Open University study
program, I was involved in Forestry and Wildlife Research.
The core objective of the research was to find innovative
and cost effective ways to increase the amount of broad-
leaved species in forest plantations dominated by
coniferous species, and find out how to do that, with
minimal to no fencing that would withstand heavy deer

    Research areas: Regeneration of beech and oak, direct
    planting of seedlings in cleared and beat-up areas, re-
    establishment of beech forests and how to unite wildlife and
    forest management.

Throughout the course of my forestry work in Denmark I
was engaged in planting thousands of trees to regenerate
cleared/beat up forest area with broad-leaved species that
could progress the biodiversity, the habitat for deer, and the
future prospect of harvesting.

    Species include: Norwegian spruce, Cypress, Cryptomeria,
    Oak and Beech.

From 1999 to 2005 was involved in the research, planting,
production and harvesting of Abies Nordmanniana on Fyn,
Jutland and the Island of Brandsø for export.
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