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© Ripley Davenport 2008-2018.
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Ripley Davenport is an accomplished endurance adventurer, rescue swimmer, medic, and speaker.

He considers himself a regular average Joe facing similar life struggles like most. Along the way he’s learnt some very hard
lessons, confronted many obstacles and achieved against all odds. He’s experienced failure, despair and disappointment,
made bad decisions, acted on impulse and suffered as a consequence.

Ripley Davenport - Adventurer

Ultra Marathon
Personal Challenge & Adventure


Ripley decided to set the bar
ridiculously high with an Ultra
Marathon. This was a first having
never attempted a half marathon, full
marathon let alone an Ultra before so
this was new ground.
Internet Troll | Ripley Davenport

Bodyboarding Monsters
Personal Challenge & Adventure


A plan to get rid of the chicken
feathers and document an adventure
to the untouched remote corners of
the planet and seek out unknown
waves and challenge them on a

50 Mile Adventure Swim
Personal Challenge & Adventure


Ripley plans on attempting a
50-mile/80km adventure swim, which
is roughly the equivalent of
swimming the English Channel two
and a half times. More details to be
announced soon.